Shaping the Future with Audiendo

At Audiendo, we empower your organization to embrace the transformative power of change, guiding you toward a future marked by meaningful missions, agile operations, sustainable leadership, and a workforce deeply invested in your success. With a rich history of collaborating with boards and management teams across various critical phases, our journey of impact continues to expand.

Founded and led by Eva Åberg and Albert Lannerstad, Audiendo is the culmination of vast experience in leadership and consultancy expertise. Founders and our team of consultants bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse managerial roles and are dedicated to facilitating organizational advancement. Our collective expertise positions Audiendo as a catalyst for positive societal change through the evolution of individuals, organizations, products, and services. We specialize in change, leadership team development, and fostering innovation.

Choosing Audiendo offers unparalleled advantages:

  • Expert Consultancy:  Engage with our team of passionate, adaptable, and results-driven consultants. We tailor our strategies to meet your organization’s unique needs, ensuring impactful outcomes.
  • Exceptional Meeting Facilitation: Elevate your team’s creativity and collaborative efficiency with our world-class facilitation, or have us train you. Our expertise in workshop leadership is unmatched in Northern Europe, guaranteeing sessions where every participant feels valued and involved.

Our global footprint spans multinational corporations and local entities across Sweden, Malta, France, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, Finland, Brazil, and the USA, in addition to partnerships with Scandinavian member organizations and government bodies. We work online and face-to-face.

Partner with Audiendo to navigate today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. Let us help you transform your organization into a beacon of adaptability, innovation, and collective achievement.

Audiendo becomes involved when organizations and people take a step into the future. We offer:

  • Future work where external trends are used to show the way forward for management teams and board change to freer organizational forms, characterized by employees’ commitment and the ability to take responsibility rather than guidelines and hierarchical structures.
  • Leadership and team development adapted to the challenges of the present and the future
  • Facilitation and communicative leadership


At Audiendo, we aim to be active co-creators of a more sustainable, human, and warmer future. In our work with megatrees and scenario analysis, we have found that that the future not only becomes, but is created. Each of us can choose to be passive or active as our society changes. We at Audiendo believe in the power of influencing our world in a more humane direction, together with our customers and partners.

Eva Åberg
(+46) 70-720 20 27

I am deeply committed to shaping a future where organizations and individuals flourish in an era of unprecedented change. At the heart of my work lies a passion for nurturing sustainable leadership and fostering team development, utilizing strategic planning and megatrend scenario analysis to navigate future challenges.

My expertise extends to empowering leaders and teams to adapt, innovate, and lead with resilience. As a seasoned speaker and workshop facilitator, I specialize in stimulating the development of ideas, anchoring transformative changes, and facilitating the resolution of complex issues through dynamic collaboration.

With extensive experience globally, I have delivered impactful assignments for multinational corporations throughout Europe, Asia, and North and South America, and have collaborated with numerous member organizations and governmental agencies. This global perspective enriches my leadership and team development approach, ensuring strategies are culturally informed and universally applicable.

My background in journalism has equipped me with exceptional storytelling and analytical skills. These skills enhance my ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and inspire action, making me a unique force in driving forward-thinking leadership and organizational strategies.

I am dedicated to guiding leaders and their teams toward achieving their fullest potential and crafting a path to adaptive, innovative, and sustainable success.

Albert Lannerstad
(+46) 70-557 18 84

With a dynamic career dedicated to driving transformative change and fostering leadership excellence, my journey spans the realms of digital communication and the hospitality industry. At the heart of my work lies a deep commitment to leadership and team development, where I leverage my extensive experience to provide management support in organization, leadership, and strategic planning.

Having led teams and organizations through pivotal transitions, my approach is characterized by a keen ability to identify and implement structural solutions that navigate change and thrive on it. This passion for exacting change has been the cornerstone of my career, guiding me to shape and grow companies and foster collaborative ventures across various sectors.

My background includes pivotal roles as a manager and CEO within the hospitality industry and a trailblazing web communication company. In addition to these roles, I contribute my expertise through board memberships and as a UGL supervisor and management coach.

This blend of leadership and a strategic outlook on team and organizational development positions me uniquely to support your endeavors in creating resilient, adaptable, and forward-thinking teams and leaders poised for success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Malin Tappert Thurdin
(+46) 70-422 48 00

As a seasoned process leader and lecturer specializing in leadership and team development, my career over two decades has been dedicated to empowering teams seeking more efficient collaboration methods and fostering a culture of trust and accountability, readying them for future challenges. My expertise extends to conflict management, where I offer lectures and hands-on support to conflict resolution teams.

My professional journey has taken me across various European countries, enriching my experience and perspective. I continue to thrive in and appreciate international settings.

My background is diverse, having served as a leader and team member across the private, public, and non-profit sectors. I hold a role as a UGL supervisor and am currently advancing my skills and knowledge by training to become a therapist.