Change as a constant state

For the organization to be able to respond to the accelerating changes in the outside world, we need to build in constant adaptability regarding how the business is run and organized, but also create an awareness of complexity and change linked to leadership and employeeship.

Even in the event of disruptive changes such as crises, mergers, or extensive reorganisations, Audiendo is a safe and innovative partner in the process. Our efforts can look very different but often include:

  • Education in scenario analysis and scenario planning
  • Advice on new ways of organizing business based on what we see growing in the world
  • Professionally facilitated workshops in the management team to clarify the goals and strategy of change.
  • Workshops on problem solving, innovation, or planning.
  • Leadership development with a focus on change
  • An employee workshop, where we work with problem solving and what will be required of everyone to progress all the way forward.
  • Guidance for key people in the change

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