Team development

Each team goes through different phases on its way to being a mature working group, with high efficiency, a good collaboration climate, and productivity.

We are often involved in groups that have ended up in a turbulent phase. In this case, it is good to be able to assure them that this is a stage that all groups must get through in their development toward higher maturity. Here, it is important to be able to give the group a clear picture of what it needs to work with to progress.

Team development can be about:

  • Ensuring that a new group gets off to a good start with a clear mission and clear roles
  • Awareness of how behaviors and communication can both complicate and facilitate effective collaboration
  • Resolving conflicts that strongly affect the group
  • Actively working with the group’s purpose, values, ​​and norms
  • Strengthening self-insight and individual relationships between group members
  • Developing effective forms of meetings and collaboration

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Sometimes it is appropriate to test groups with the Susan Wheelan Group Development Questionnaire, GDQ. This means that we can convey a precise and well-motivated message about which development phase the group is in. The test also gives clear answers on how you can together develop into a high-performing team where employees are happy and efficient.

We are certified to perform the tests, analyze the results, and suggest measures. Subsequently, the group can continue working on their own or, of course, we are on hand for support in the continued process.