Development that has an effect both within and outside the group

Based on the management group’s specific needs, the effort is tailored to create the conditions for truly successful management that will resonate throughout the organization.

We often meet well-functioning management teams that need to prepare to work at an ever-faster pace of change with increased demands on external monitoring.

It is also common for us to meet management teams that need to become stronger. Sometimes a management team needs to work through the very basic prerequisites of successful teamwork and sometimes the group’s goals must be clarified and anchored.

We always start by following the group’s work and then suggest one or more initiatives in the following areas, among others:

  • the group’s dynamics, relationships, openness, and communication
  • the group’s purpose and relationship to the rest of the organization
  • meeting forms, creating agendas, and facilitating management group meetings
  • the norms and culture of the group and organization
  • conflict management
  • goals and how they are used and communicated

Management team development can sometimes be combined with training and guidance for the best results.

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