An organizational form in time

When continuous adaptation to new conditions requires to be done on a daily basis, the organization’s form and conditions can either support or hinder rapid mobility. Competence replenishment, the right decision at the right time, and product or service development can really lift the organization if we dare to look beyond our current organizational forms and create a freer form.

Audiendo follows the international and Swedish development model of completely new ways of organizing operations in a number of different industries, and we apply this in several of our customer projects. We have also built up an international network of contacts on these issues. We laid the foundation for this when we recently arranged the Tomorrow Conference, where we gathered Swedish and international researchers and interesting cases together in a large conference.

It is important to state here that a model does not suit everyone. Some of our customers are curious about developing toward managerless (but not leaderless) teal organizations, whereas others are more interested in creating clearer self-leadership among all their employees to progress the business through the development of individuals.

We work together with your organization to identify how it, based on assignments, conditions, strengths, and culture, can begin to transform itself into a freer form of organization that, to an even greater extent, utilizes everyone’s competence. The goal is faster decisions, and increased motivation and responsibility among employees and teams.

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